Skien, Norway 4th - 9th Jun 2012

2012-07-09 | Kalle Lönnroth

This year it took this long to make my first nanbudo trip abroad. My destination was the "Norwegian twin seminar", meaning Oslo and Skien seminars in early sum...

Oslo, Norway 31st May - 2nd Jun 2012

2012-06-11 | Kalle Lönnroth

I heard that in Oslo they thought that shortening the seminar would attract more foreigners. I really can't tell, but at least for me that just might have...

Nanbudo Oslo 2012-06 Kalle Lönnroth 3 - paazio

Zagreb, Croatia 16th - 18th Dec 2011

2012-05-22 | Kalle Lönnroth

Quorter hundred! That means that if I'm not mistaken, this is the 25th seminar raport I am writing. Many months has passed since the seminar and I have to dig ...

Nanbudo Zagreb 2011-12 Kalle Lönnroth - paazio

Playa de Aro, Spain 25th - 29th Jul 2011

2011-08-16 | Kalle Lönnroth

How come it's so cold and rainy? This was supposed to be the Spanish summer!</...

Nanbudo Playa 2011-07 Kalle Lönnroth - paazio

Skien, Norway 31th May - 3rd Jun 2011

2011-07-23 | Kalle Lönnroth

The last destination of my spring time travelling was Skien. Durin the end of winter I had bought flights to Switzerland and Slovenia, but postponed the purcha...

Nanbudo Skien 2011-06 Kalle Lönnroth - paazio

Ljubljana, Slovenia 20th - 22nd May 2011

2011-06-19 | Kalle Lönnroth

I took me a while to recover from the Zurich seminar due to some digestional problems, but eventually I got things in order again. I wasn't sure wether it woul...

Nanbudo Ljubljana 2011-05 Kalle Lönnroth - paazio

Zurich, Switzerland 6th - 8th May 2011

2011-05-27 | Kalle Lönnroth

Fascinated by the Hungarian seminar, I did some serious flight booking for this spring. I had three seminars on my mind: Zurich, Ljubljana and Skien. I bought ...

Nanbudo Zurich 2011-05 Kalle Lönnroth - paazio

Kecskemet, Hungary 19th - 20th Feb 2011

2011-02-24 | Kalle Lönnroth

Already when buying the flights to Budapest I felt bad for not being able to attend all trainings of the seminar. I had some school obligations and thus could ...

Nanbudo Kesckemet 2011-02 Kalle Lönnroth - paazio

Frozy Camp 2011 - Helsinki, Finland 4th - 6th Feb 2011

2011-02-09 | Andrej Cibej

Unlike in previous years, this year the traditional Pakkasleiri (Frozy Camp) was held in and around Helsinki. While this changed the usual atmosphere of livi...

Pakkasleiri 2011 26 - paazio

Bagneux, France 26th - 29th Dec 2010

2010-12-31 | Kalle Lönnroth

Finally France. I have been traveling around the Europe to attend nanbudo seminars for almost six years and finally I made it here. I had heard so much good ab...

Zagreb, Croatia 16th - 19th Dec 2010

2010-12-31 | Kalle Lönnroth

Nanbu budo university inauguration seminar. This fine title crowned the Zagreb seminar. Around the nanbudo circles there had been some discussion abou...

Nanbudo Zagreb 2010-12 Kalle Lönnroth - paazio

Playa de Aro, Spain 26th - 30th Jul 2010

2010-11-25 | Kalle Lönnroth

It has been too many years since I went to Playa de Aro for a nanbudo seminar. It has been the same for many years: I have been looking forward to attend both ...

Nanbudo Playa 2010-07 Kalle Lönnroth - paazio

Oslo and Skien, Norway 30th May - 5th Jun and 7th - 12th Jun 2010

2010-06-30 | Kalle Lönnroth

My original idea about these two seminars was to take Paavo with me to check out how are things in Norway. It turned out that Paavo was about to have some entr...

Nanbudo Oslo 2010-06 Kalle Lönnroth - paazio

Randori day - Turku, Finland 15th May 2010

2010-05-21 | Jukka Paasonen

Sunny Saturday could be spent by practising indoors while sweating or by laying on the beach. As usual I went for the former, thus the day was spent in the Tur...

Kecskemet, Hungary 19th - 21st Feb 2010

2010-02-26 | Kalle Lönnroth

My first seminar with Nanbu doshu-soke was in Kecskemet. That was some time ago, since it's not even mentioned in my current nanbudo passport. For quite a long...

Frozy Camp 2010 - Vienola, Finland 29th - 31rd Jan 2010

2010-02-09 | Nika Simnovec

After having skipped Frozy Camp last year, I gladly accepted this year's invitation to Pakkasleiri, a traditional winter seminar organized by Finnish Nanbudo F...

Pakkasleiri 2010 Vienola 04 - paazio

Zagreb, Croatia 17th - 21st December 2009

2010-01-20 | Paavo Petäys

I arrived to the Turku bus station a bit before 4 am. Kalle was there already waiting for me in the platform where our bus to Helsinki was about to leave. The ...

Nanbudo Zagreb 2009-12 Kalle Lönnroth - paazio

Oslo, Norway 7th - 11th Dec 2009

2009-12-14 | Jukka Paasonen

It has been long time since my last visit to Oslo Karate Club. Even though I worker during the daytime I was working at the local branch office of my company h...

Nanbudo Oslo 2009-12-11 南部気の道 - paazio

Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 23th - 25th Oct 2009

2009-11-05 | Kalle Lönnroth

Strange laws control the attendance to international seminars. The most obvious ones are work related, but there are sure some mysterious and unknown behind as...

Ljubljana, Slovenia 17th - 19th April 2009

2009-04-25 | Jukka Paasonen

I thought I would never take part on a nanbudo seminar in Slovenia again. But I did.</...

Hamilton, Scotland 6th - 8th March 2009

2009-03-17 | Kalle Lönnroth

The year 2008 was on behalf of seminars quite quiet for me, at least excluding the later part of it. For sure I don't hope 2009 to be the same. My original pla...

Frozy Camp 2009 - Sauvo, Finland 6th - 8th February 2009

2009-02-10 | -

Even though I'm invited to every single Pakkasleiri, I usually cannot manage to come. But as I'm skipping Spain this year, Finland suddenly seemed a pretty goo...

Pakkasleiri-2009.12 - paazio

Oslo, Norway 4th - 6th Dec 2008

2008-12-11 | Kalle Lönnroth

Having a quiet year before Bosnia-Herzegovina I found my self excited about going into some other seminar as well until the end of the year. Due to my work I c...

Banja Luka, Bosnia-Herzegovina 31st Oct - 1st Nov 2008

2008-11-06 | Kalle Lönnroth

I already thought that this year 2008 would pass on my behalf without a single seminar directed by Yoshinao Nanbu Doshu-Soke. In the spring I was supposed to a...

Camp in the Archipelagos - Utö, Finland 12 - 15 June 2008

2008-06-18 | Paavo Petäys

It was a bit past mid day when I arrived to the agreed meeting place in front of the Turku Cathedral. Two other nanbudokas had arrived, Jukka and Kalle. On the...

Saaristoleiri-Uto-2008_049 - paazio

Bagneux, France 7th - 10th February 2008

2008-02-11 | Jukka Paasonen

Travelling is at its best when it has a purpose like a martial art seminar. Taking part at several seminars each year opens my eyes not just within Nanbudo its...

Frozy Camp 2008 - Kalikka, Finland 4th - 6th January 2008

2008-01-21 | Goran Lorger

On the 3rd of January 2008, I started my trip to Finland from the newly named Slovenian airport of Joze Pucnik. It took a little over two hours of quiet flying...

Zagreb, Croatia 14th - 16th December 2007

2007-12-16 | Kalle Lönnroth

The last post on my year's end seminar adventure of 2007 was the annual Christmas stage in Zagreb. Being such a cheap guy I bought my flights from Norway to Cr...

Skien, Norway 3rd - 8th December 2007

2007-12-11 | Jukka Paasonen

By tradition, twice a year there is a seminar in Skien led by Nanbu Doshu-Soke, one in the early June, the other in early December. This year was no exception ...

Oslo, Norway 26th Nov - 1st Dec 2007

2007-12-07 | Kalle Lönnroth

It has already been half a year since I last time went abroad to fetch some additional boost to training motivation and see my international friends. I have be...

Nanbudo Oslo 2007-11 Kalle Lönnroth - paazio

Banja Luka, Bosnia-Herzegovina 27th - 28th October 2007

2007-10-29 | Jukka Paasonen

The second International Nanbudo seminar held in Banja Luka gathered Nanbudokas mainly from Eastern Europe.</...

Camp in the archipelagos - Hirvensalo, Finland 30th June 2007

2007-07-01 | Marko Haikkola

In the Saturday morning we gathered with a small group of nanbudokas on a small private beach in Hirvensalo, an island in the Archipelagos in South-West Finlan...

Oslo and Skien, Norway 28th May - 2nd June and 4th - 9th June 2007

2007-06-27 | Kalle Lönnroth

Already two weeks has passed since I returned home from my great Norwegian voyage. And those two weeks I have been suffering from flu. I got it in my last nigh...

Ljubljana, Slovenia 12th - 13th May 2007

2007-05-27 | Kalle Lönnroth

It's always the same. In seminar trips life condenses. This time I had some problems writing about the seminar. Basically that's because the seminar itself was...

Zagreb, Croatia 15th - 17th December 2006

2006-12-18 | Jukka Paasonen

Traditional Christmas seminar of Croatian Nanbudo Federation was held in the guidance of Yoshinao Nanbu doshu.</...

Skien, Norway 4th - 9th December 2006

2006-12-12 | Kalle Lönnroth

Phew is all that I can say. I have such a week behind that it probably takes a little bit longer to get back into normal. Even though I don't even want to get ...

Banja Luka, Bosnia-Herzegovina 21th - 22th October 2006

2006-10-23 | Jukka Paasonen, 2 dan

The first international Nanbudo seminar held in Bosnia-Herzegovina had participants from several countries where Nanbudo is being practisted. There were Nanbud...

Playa de Aro, Spain 17th - 28th July 2006

2006-09-07 | Anna-Kaisa Lönnroth

The first training session started at Monday morning when sun rose from the horizon. Heat and brightness were tough for a girl who is used to Finnish cold clim...

Frozy Camp 2006 - Merimasku, Finland 27th - 29th January 2006

2006-02-03 | Paavo Petäys

When everybody managed to get themselves into seminar area, the trainings started almost straight away. We trained ukemis on ice, which was nice experiment, b...

Zagreb, Croatia 16th - 18th December 2005

2006-01-06 | Kalle Lönnroth

The tradition Christmas stage seminar in Croatia is most of all home for Puma Super 9 competition. In this competiotion nine best nanbudokas of the world compe...

Ljubljana, Slovenia 22nd - 23rd October 2005

2005-10-27 | Kalle Lönnroth, Heidi Bollström

The most unforgettable event of the summer - seminar that took place in the Playa d'Aro beach - left behind a will to see again people met there and to train a...

Playa de Aro, Spain 18th - 29th July 2005

2005-08-19 | Kalle Lönnroth

Ah, Playa de Aro. The most important event of Nanbudo year and thus the most important meeting point for Nanbudo people. From the beginning this event has give...

Camp in the Archipelagos 2005 - Kuusisto, Finland 19th June 2005

2005-06-13 | Dick Karlsson

This year the camp in the Archipelagos was held near by the old castle ruin of the priest of Kuusisto. This place is located in the Archipelagos of Turku in Fi...

Cesena, Italy 16th - 17th April 2005

2005-05-11 | Jukka Paasonen

Participation to this seminar conducted by the founder, Yoshinao Nanbu doshu, was an easy decision as my current location is in Pavia, Italy, only some three h...

Keckemet, Hungary 11th - 13th February 2005

2005-02-15 | Kalle Lönnroth

Seminar reports have some special meaning. They create some content into our website, but first and foremost writing them provides a change to look back into t...

Frozy Camp 2005 - Halikko, Finland 29th - 30th January 2005

2005-02-12 | Kalle Lönnroth

With awe we awaited the Frozy Camp. The venue was assured on the last minute, and it took even longer to confirm that there would actually be sub zero temperat...

Ljubljana, Slovenia 23rd - 24th October 2004

2004-10-31 | Jukka Paasonen

In Friday, before the seminar officially started, I arrived to Ljubljana by train from Italy. After a moment in the train station, Steven Laverty from Scotland...

Playa de Aro, Spain 19th - 30th July 2004

2004-08-05 | Jukka Paasonen

My second time in the biggest seminar of the year, in Playa de Aro, Spain, started in Sunday morning when I arrived to Girona bus station from Italy. I had mad...

Frozy Camp 2003 - Rymättylä, Finland 8th - 9th February 2003

2003-02-25 | Jukka Paasonen

The first Frozy Camp was held in the Archipelagos of Turku, on the frozen sea, near Rymättylä.</...

Pakkas03Pitkanen_076 - paazio

Skien, Norway 3rd - 8th June 2002

2002-06-25 | Jukka Paasonen

It is always easy to come to Skien, specially if I've been in Oslo for the last week. Jan Moen left earlier from Oslo with his new Harley-Davidson motorbike, b...

Skien.Norway.2002.summer.23 - paazio

Oslo, Norway 27th May - 1st June 2002

2002-06-14 | Jukka Paasonen

I arrived to the rainy Gardermoen airport near Oslo in Monday afternoon and took a train (140 NOK) to Oslo centre. In the centre I quickly bought myself a week...

Oslo.Norway.2002.summer.077 - paazio

Skien, Norway 3rd - 8th December 2001

2001-12-22 | Jukka Paasonen

The seminar began in Monday and as the tradition in Oslo, it is also here in Skien to have Yoshinao Nanbu doshu coming every summer and winter for a one week l...

skien_01 - paazio

Oslo, Norway 26th November - 1st December 2001

2001-12-03 | Jukka Paasonen

I arrived to the Oslo Gardermoen airport in Sunday evening. In order to avoid all kind of jet lagging, I arrived one day prior to the start of the seminar. A b...

oslo_17 - paazio

Järvenpää, Finland 22nd - 23rd Sep 2001

2001-09-29 | Jukka Paasonen

The first Nanbudo seminar in Finland began in the Saturday morning at the sports hall of the Järvenpää vocational school. The seminar continued until the Su...

Nanbudo Järvenpää 2001-09 4 - paazio

Playa de Aro, Spain 23rd July - 3rd October 2001

2001-09-21 | Jukka Paasonen

The first time when a Finnish Nanbudoka entered the annual main seminar of the year, in Playa de Aro, Spain, was the Summer 2001. It is indeed not the firs...

Spain2001_56 - paazio

Oslo, Norway 28th May - 2nd June 2001

2001-06-06 | Jukka Paasonen

My first seminar with the founder of Nanbudo, Yoshinao Nanbu doshu, began in Monday 28th in Oslo, but the trip began two days earlier from Turku, Finland. In t...

Oslo2001kesa_18 - paazio