Traditional Christmas seminar of Croatian Nanbudo Federation was held in the guidance of Yoshinao Nanbu doshu.

Seminar started on Friday with the first training followed by the examinations. Several first and second dan grades were passed as well as fourth dan for Leo Rafolt.

Saturday and Sunday trainings included Kinagare chokusen combinations as the basis for higher grades, while Chokusen combinations are the basis for lower grades. Some applications were added to Kaiten randori ichi no kata making it dynamic as the fighting spirit of a Nanbudoka should be. Several times Nanbu doshu spoke about the importance of understading the basics. On the basics is possible to build anything.

On Saturday evening the Puma Super eight light (under 60 kg) was held, where the eight best competitors of this weight gategory competed against each other, in kata and in jurandori. Winner of the tournament was the Spanish Carlos Lacasa.

Unfortunetly I missed the competition and the dinner after it, since after the last training on Saturday, the few minutes on the hostel bed turned to be several hours.

After the last training in Sunday, which was for all juniors and adults, was the time to hand passports back to the practitioners. Nanbu doshu also gave diplomas for the fresh dan grades and spoke to them about keeping techniques accurate and clean, as the rolemodels for their students should. Nanatsu no chikara was repeated by Nanbu doshu and the recipients of the diplomas to verify their understanding.

Jukka Paasonen, 2 dan