The seminar began in Monday and as the tradition in Oslo, it is also here in Skien to have Yoshinao Nanbu doshu coming every summer and winter for a one week long seminar. Since the trainings are on the week, most of the practitioners are working, thus the training timetable is pretty much targeted in the evening.

One big notable thing was when the trainings for higher graded adults began. I was placed next to the highest grades, shihans, on the Doshus left hand side row. I was honoured by this, but I could not keep that position as it seemed to create more conflict thoughts among the other members. Human mind is always like that. Besides I came here for the trainings, not to show off.

During the week I had the chance to practice under the precise eye of Jan Moen, the head instructor of Norway and the head of CINDA (A commission for the development of competition in Nanbudo). I also went around Skien, but luckily for me it is not that big place and after seeing it, we had some more trainings and discussion of Nanbudo with Jan shihan.

In Saturday were the examinations like in Oslo, followed by the dinner party. In Skien the dinner party was held in the training place, just the tatamis were carried away. They actually had their own chef who made fantastic food.

In Sunday I returned to Oslo, from where I then continued later on to the airport. The train from Oslo central costed 130 NOK and was some 15...20 minutes faster than the bus. Now I am just anxious for the next time.

Jukka Paasonen