Already two weeks has passed since I returned home from my great Norwegian voyage. And those two weeks I have been suffering from flu. I got it in my last night in Skien, although I still had to sleep one more night in the Gardemoen airport, feeling uncomfortably feverish. I have found my life going through cycles. Sometimes speed reaches unbelievable heights, other times the hand of fate pull lever for break. Those two weeks in Norway were definitely highway speeding and the hand of fate had the form of snively, fevery, coughing flu.

Some of us handle two training sessions a day with not too much trouble. This is standard dose for example in Play de Aro seminar, and that seminar also takes two weeks when accomplished properly (or "Finnish way", like Jukka says). Nevertheless my physical strength is limited, unlike in nanbudo noryoku kaihatsu ho principles. If I take two trainings a day, which both take one and a half hour and they come in a row, I will very quickly start feeling stiff and frail. I managed to elastify myself a bit using plenty my inadvanced stretching abilities. Still those two weeks were living on the edge.

Theres no point complaining after all. Pretty much opposite. As I know my boundaries I am proud I managed to push on them and live to tell the tale. I got a huge portion of nanbudo. Both weeks the basic things were clearly on the table a lot. In Oslo training might have been slightly easier, partly due to the smaller size of low grade group, but that left me with just enough strength to see some attractions I would have loved to see already six months ago when I visit Norway for the first time. Back then I was also supposed to partake bot Oslo and Skien but had to cancel Oslo and content on one week in Skien. Oh yes, statues in Vigeland Park are worth seeing and they do have the Scream by Munch in National Gallery. In Skien the attention was drawn purely into training and even the low grade trainings were "merciless".

For already second time I got to witness the friendliness of Norwegian nanbudokas and feel myself welcome. Even before I had returned home I was considering my changes to travel back there again after six months.

Kalle Lönnroth, 1 kyu