In Friday, before the seminar officially started, I arrived to Ljubljana by train from Italy. After a moment in the train station, Steven Laverty from Scotland came to look for me as they were picking me up with local Katarina Hribar. Soon we went to our hotel, which was 30 EUR per night and after went for a small dinner in the city centre. Unfortunately it was so dark, that I could not see much of the glorious sights of the centre.

Earlier in the Friday evening, Do Nanbudo Club had private training session for its members instructed by Yoshinao Nanbu doshu. The public seminar began in Saturday and during the weekend Nanbu doshu introduced some new techniques and some enchantments to the old. We returned to the old roots by changing the preparation stance to the wide which it was back in the sankukai _days. Until now it was in _musubidachi. Among other kinagare randori katas, we also did kinagare aiki randori no kata.

Some names of certain techniques were changed as well in order to reach closer for worldwide understanding. For now, a randori kata previously know as randori furi no kata, is now called kaiten kihon randori no kata. Also it eases the remembering of which techniques are followed in the name.

Each day of the seminar, there were two trainings each lasting for two hours. After the seminar I still had the change to spent some time in the city, as my train was to leave after midnight. This time was well spent with the members of the biggest Nanbudo club in Slovenia and meanwhile during the evening, I got to know many interesting people whose friendliness overwhelmed me. Specially then when some of them even took me to my train after 2 o'clock in the night.

Jukka Paasonen, 2 dan