The most unforgettable event of the summer - seminar that took place in the Playa d'Aro beach - left behind a will to see again people met there and to train again in a colourful international party that some call nanbudo family.

The connections formed there made it possible for us to send our representation afoot even without our beloved and experienced foreman, instructor Jukka Paasonen.

Because we wanted to minimise the expenses after a close look to transportation options we ended up with low fare flight company easyJet. This decision made our journey a bit weary but as the same route was used in trip to Hungary, there was nothing uncertain about it.

At 8:00 Thursday morning, 20th October our two member group left Turku trains station behind, heading to Helsinki. From Helsinki a ferry took us to Tallinn. Day spent in Tallinn ended with flight to Germany, Berlin Schöenefeld airport.

Sleeping a night in metal benches of an airport is an experiment hardly worth recommending.

The next day rose with totally different atmosphere regardless the few hours we actually slept. At noon our air plane arrived to Ljubljana, and there was a surprise waiting for us.

Showing their hospitality our hosts were there to pick us up at the airport, we didn't even have to request that. This made us possible to quickly get into the hotel, and there was loads of time to see the city.

Special thanks to Martina for her expert guiding, Ljubljana is a beautiful city.

The two-day seminar got going next morning. Around 80 nanbudoka from all over Europe (and even one from Senegal) were gathered together to train under supervision of the founder of the art, Nanbu doshu. Tatami in a big gym hall was crowded to the limits in both training sessions in Saturday and Sunday.

The emphasis of training was in ki nagare techniques that are less frequently practised in Finland, not neglecting katas and randoris of "old nanbudo".

The time flew by. One weekend doesn't seem to be enough at all. It would be unnatural for me to say I wouldn't like to spend more time with these wonderful people, that I wouldn't like to train more under such an ingenious instruction.

In Finland nanbudo is virtually unknown, so I feel myself actually privileged to be able to train this magnificent art and by these seminar excursions to be part of a greater wholeness.

Thank you for Do nanbudo club for arranging this seminar. I hope to see as many familiar faces as possible in our own little frozy camp.

Kalle Lönnroth, 4 kyu and Heidi Bollström, 6 kyu (who would like to take some sugar off the top)