It's always the same. In seminar trips life condenses. This time I had some problems writing about the seminar. Basically that's because the seminar itself was very short and most of the experiences during the trip occurred outside of it.

So, the seminar was short - and relatively expensive. I had planned this trip way ahead, so I didn't want to cancel it even though the seminar got shortened from the original three days into two and later I found out that there would be no more than three training sessions. Nevertheless into these three sessions was compressed vary tight and neat package of nanbudo. I don't feel like complaining too much. And the training itself. It has always been in international seminars really something different when compared to Finland.

What else I had time to go through? Well, trying to make tall tale short: meeting people, sleeping under open sky involuntarily, climbing up the mountain and coming down - running, overdoing oneself and facing own physical boundaries, walking in a dripstone cave, evercrowing feeling of being part of an international community. Hunger grows as one eats. There is merely two weeks before I hit the road for Norway.


Kalle Lönnroth, 1 kyu