When everybody managed to get themselves into seminar area, the trainings started almost straight away. We trained ukemis on ice, which was nice experiment, because I have never been practicing outdoors.

The ice was almost better base for training than tatami because the movement were smoother and swetty feet were not on the way. At the latter part of the training it started to get a bit cold but fortunately we were closing the end.

After the training we got our clothes drying and went downstairs to spend the night at lounge below our cabin. About eleven o clock people started to hit the beds. Saturday morning rose misty.

After breakfast the training started at ten o clock. After two hours we had lunch and after a rich lunch we moved about three meters to the right/left for theory lesson. After two hours of theory we moved into ice to practice Kinagare randori irimi no kata and nanbu yondan. After training we went to sauna, roast some sausages and swim in a hole on the ice. Around twelve o clock folks started to hit the beds. Sunday morning dawned and went to have a breakfast.

After breakfast we had grade examinations in which two persons took part in. After examinations we had training (kaiten ninin kake sandan) on ice. After training we went to have lunch and after that we had training on ice and after that theory, after which the garde diplomas were handed over and our Slovenian friends gave sensei some presents and vice versa. Then we cleaned the seminar location and got on our way around six pm.

In the evening there was one more training but regardless the great guilt I couldn't participate because of unfinished homework.

Paavo Petäys, 6 kyu after the seminar