This year the camp in the Archipelagos was held near by the old castle ruin of the priest of Kuusisto. This place is located in the Archipelagos of Turku in Finland.

Camp lasted on the Sunday, from 11.00 o'clock until the evening.

I got the honour to write about the camp in the Archipelagos a traditional seminar last held this summer in Kuusisto. The seminar was my first of a kind and I wondered how training would go without "soft" base.

Fortunately Jukka had ordered excellent cycling weather and place to train. I got to the location almost in time to notice the great gathering of budokas already present, all five of us. Jukka Paasonen directed the training with skill and feeling as one could expect.

The most memorable thing about the day was the feeling, how different training is in unaligned base. This type of training in nature was by all means stimulative and different in a positive way. To say it short: it was a great trip.

In my opinion everyone who participated that day should have their belt upgraded.

Dick Karlsson, 7 kyu