Quorter hundred! That means that if I'm not mistaken, this is the 25th seminar raport I am writing. Many months has passed since the seminar and I have to dig out my notes to be able to finally write this darn thing.

Zagreb seminar was again titled to be International Nanbu Budo University Seminar. I heard that Doshu-Soku Nanbu had a lecture in Zagreb School of Economics prior to the seminar and we had the same lecture during it. If I want to have this mental image of Nanbu Budo University being something about high end theory, then this lecture was exactly it. The theory was about concepts of senzai ishiki and kunzai ishiki that are involved in learning, the way of know-how etc. The aforementioned is more traditional type while the latter takes things like intuition into account.

The technical side of training was mainly about Nanbu sotai -techniques, such as quite new aiki and juji randoris. We also strangled each other with kubi shime randori which I especially enjoyed training. There were also the slow and harmonic Nanbu keiraku taiso katas, which we did quite a many.

All in all my trip to Zagreb was a success. Eventually I got the change to use the invitation presented by sensei Branko to participate a training session in his club Sunce before the seminar. Due to my lack of weekly training it was very intensive for me to train with this young and energetic club. Already halfways the session there was my blood all over the place when Branko had me training pair techniques with his young female orange-yellow belt students! Sounds drastic, but it was all about my baby feet, which have forgotten how to endure the friction of tatami during a proper training session.

Once again I give my praise to Samac family for accommodation and fun companion, and local organisers who made this seminar happen!

Kalle Lönnroth, 2 dan