Phew is all that I can say. I have such a week behind that it probably takes a little bit longer to get back into normal. Even though I don't even want to get completely back into "normal".

With just a few words: this seminar is probaly the most memorable thing ever happened to me. Physically and mentally extremely hard. Withing few days happened as much as in several months in every day life.

Based on the little experience I have it seems like training in these seminars is slowly getting harder. This time attention was brought especially into stances (dachi waza). Katas were inspected in detail and stances within different phases of kata were on the table several times.

After a heavy week it was more than appropriate to let loose. Even in this area I got more than I ever deared to expect. Thanks to the hosts for the great party that went on with full speed until the morning.

Before I even managed to get home I was already planning my next trips. I think this tells all one needs to know.


Kalle Lönnroth, 1 kyu after the seminar