Sunny Saturday could be spent by practising indoors while sweating or by laying on the beach. As usual I went for the former, thus the day was spent in the Turku City Budo Hall with the focus on a small seminar with a limited set of techniques.

The five hour program consisted of Kinanbutaiso _and of the following _randori kata sets:

With the exception of the ordinary order, each attacking technique was circled throughout all the listed randoris, while each of the participants acted as the defending side. This created more pressure for the mental side of the training, in order to achieve better results in learning the given sets.

Constant movement during the training made the time pass by quickly, and before actually realising it, the training was over. This was luckily followed by sauna and soon after a concert by a Finnish artist, in the centre of Turku City.

Jukka Paasonen, 3 dan