I arrived to the rainy Gardermoen airport near Oslo in Monday afternoon and took a train (140 NOK) to Oslo centre. In the centre I quickly bought myself a week ticket to the local public transportations. This time the price was 160 NOK. Two hours from my landing, I was already in the first training with the juniors.

Training through the week included Kinanbutaiso _with slight changes in part _nichi, few budoho randori kata_s, _kinagare randori ichi no kata, four of the Nanbu _katas and of cource _chokusen _and _randori tori combinations.

This time my in my visit to Oslo, I was staying at Hanne-Lill Sørøs place. As usual there was plenty of time for sightseeing and additional training. In Thursday I visited the club of Pepe Rønning, called Mikado, and in Friday had the change practise for several hours with Per Wahl. From both of these experienced nanbudokas I got plenty of new information to make my technique better.

In Saturday was the time for examinations. Also a new _shihan _was nominated. Bjørn T. Nyborg got his new belt tied around his waist by Yoshinao Nanbu doshu in the dedicated ceremony. After the examinations, Doshu and some of the club members went to the Taekwondo gala to have a demonstration.

Later on in the Saturday evening, we went for a picnic to a small island called Hovedøya, in front of Oslo. As som of us were still in the training mode, we did some _Ikkyoku _kata in the park, while others started the grilling. Soon it became dark and we head back to the mainland while the last boat back to the city left the island. There we continued enjoying the company.

In Sunday I still had time to visit Hovedøya again to see more of its nature and peace. Here I could finally finish my notes of the training for this seminar. Next week I'll be in Skien for some more training under the guidance of Yoshinao Nanbu doshu.

Jukka Paasonen