The second International Nanbudo seminar held in Banja Luka gathered Nanbudokas mainly from Eastern Europe.

I traveled to the destination with four fellow Nanbudokas from Zagreb, Croatia. All of us shuffed in to a small car and the trip was tighth but it did not disturb us at all.

In the first training in Saturday morning, we consentrated on fine tuning Kinanbutaiso. The last half of the training was contributed for Nanbu sotai randori ichi no kata, which is now placed in the line of randoris to taught to the new beginners in place three or four.

In the lunch break I met two stray dogs. You can see them in the photo gallery.

The second training of the day continued from there where the first training ended. The line between Kidoho and Budoho is getting more transparent, thus the training of Kihon jiyu Nanbu sotai randori ichi no kata showed. The reciption of the attack is made in much more forceless way than in the traditional competition randoris.

When the evening started to turn in to a night, started the Night of Martial arts. This time it was held in a big sports hall, offering better views for more spectators. Despite of the few ego boost shows, the content of the demonstartion got double better what it was last year. Each one of the demonstationers had become further in their art, thus showing better performance and balance in their presentation.

After the show, the coctail party for the 6th year of Nanbudo in Banja Luka started.

In Sunday we continued with the essence of Nanbu sotai techniques. Nanbu Doshu-Soke also mentioned of the importance of the behaviour in the training place, dojo.

"Dojo is a place of peace and quiet."

Jukka Paasonen, 2 dan