The first international Nanbudo seminar held in Bosnia-Herzegovina had participants from several countries where Nanbudo is being practisted. There were Nanbudokas from Hungary, Croatia, Marocco, Switcherland, Slovenia, Finland and of cource the locals.

Technical aspect of the seminar was mostly comprimised of so called half fast Kinagare randoris and Nanbu-, Shihotai katas:

On saturday evening, the local Nanbudo club organised a martial art demonstartion event with support of the other martial art clubs of Banja Luka. Some of them to mention, there was Karate, Aikido, Jujutsu, Kick-boxing and Wushu presented among many others. Event was sold out and the hall was full of people interested of martial arts.

During the training seminar, Nanbu doshu wanted to make clear the importance of the knowlegde of the basic techniques and how easily after learning them, is to move onto some more complicated techniqes. For example from Shihotai ki to Kinagare kaiten randori san no kata.

When the last training was over and the usual Nanbudo passport ceremony was done, got the local club a new black belt. Furthermore, the chief instructor of the club received Kyoshi title.

I believe that the beatiful city of Banja Luka will host another seminar with more Nanbudokas worldwide.

Jukka Paasonen, 2 dan