Training in Turku, Fall season 2008

2007-12-10 | Kalle Lönnroth

Training schedule for adults: Tuesdays 20:00-21:30 Sundays 18:00-19:30

Trainings are held in Turku budo hall, Virusmäentie 65, Turku, Finland.

History of the Finnish Nanbudo Federation

2006-10-27 | Jukka Paasonen

The Finnish Nanbudo Federation was founded when the first Nanbudo seminar in Finland was organised, in the Autumn of 2001. Instructor in the seminar was Thomas Aasen from Norway, fifth dan at that time.

The technical aspect of the seminar was focused on the basics of Nanbudo, as it was the first seminar held here. Trainings were held in the gym of Vocational school of Järvenpää, in which we were kindly welcomed by Päivi Korhonen.

In Saturday 22nd of September 2001 was held the official meeting to create the legal presentation of Nanbudo in Finland. So far from that day on, the head instructor has been Jukka Paasonen. Before the founding seminar of Finnish Nanbudo Federation, Jukka visited several seminars instructed by the founder, Yoshinao Nanbu doshu, in Norway and in Spain. After that he has been actively taking part to several seminars in Europe and in Japan.

The mission of the Federation

2006-10-11 | Jukka Paasonen

The Finnish Nanbudo Federation is an association which is registered in the Republic of Finland and is the head organization for martial art Nanbudo in this country.

The primary purpose of the Federation is the help promoting Nanbudo in Finland by cooperating local martial art associations.

Finnish Nanbudo Federation communicates between its members and the Worldwide Nanbudo Federation (WNF).

One of the most visible activity that the Federation does, is organising two annual seminars in a year. First the Frozy Camp (Pakkasleiri) in the end of January, and the camp in the Archipelagos (Saaristoleiri) in the end of June. Lately specially the Frozy Camp has got international interest, in 2006 there were six Slovenian nanbudokas taking part to it. Both of these seminar lasts for a weekend and are open to all people interested in Nanbudo.

The Federation takes care of the preparation of the black belt candidates, defines the grading requirements for lower belts, and organisers special seminars for the instructors.

For more information of Finland and of its culture can be found from

Turku Nanbudo Club

2005-01-04 | Perttu Terho

Turku Nanbudo Club was founded in the summer of 2003, when one found out that there were a need to have local clubs. Activties originally done under the union will be slowly devolved into responsibility of local clubs.

The president of Turku Nanbudo Club Perttu Terho says that the most important task at hand is to strongly make name for Nanbudo. Even though the supply for martial arts in Turku is probably highest in the whole of Finland, Perttu thinks that Nanbudo still has its own place.

Perttu - who has experience in several committees - points out the biggest threat to a new club: to become a charmed circle, which happens far too easilly with small associations. He is aiming to pay extra attention towards activities that improve solidarity and sincerity.